Credential Check Compliance Update

County Criminal Searches: Researcher v. Clerk

Criminal record searches are an essential piece in the background screening process to help ensure safe workplaces.  Credential Check Corporation provides county criminal searches in every county in the United States, and many other criminal searches internationally.  What sets us apart from our competitors is that we choose to operate in the most compliant fashion, whereby we physically send researchers to the court to pull the most accurate and current data available, versus using online databases.

In 69% of the counties in the United States, our researchers visit the central criminal court(s) in each county, and perform a search through the predominantly used index or public access terminal.  However, a small percentage of courts will not allow our researchers to directly access the records, and instead must work through a court clerk in what is known as a clerk-assisted search.  Approximately 3.5% of counties restrict the criminal searches to the clerk, while the remaining 27% use a combination of the researcher and clerk depending on the type and age of record.

With clerk-assisted searches, the turnaround time is unpredictable and often depends heavily on the administrative load of that particular court.  Certain counties return clerk-assisted searches in 5 business days, while others range up to 12 weeks.  We are confident though that the quality and compliance of physical county criminal searches outweighs the sometimes-inconvenient reality of clerk-assisted searches.

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