To “bot” or not to “bot”, that is the question.

As humans we seem to be driven by automation but at some level human interaction provides critical value.  An audit of 200 background check profiles comparing two of the major automation supplier services “bots: as they are called in the industry” versus court researchers for County Criminal Records yielded interesting results. The results revealed that the data on these “bot” County Criminal Searches can be missing records, have incomplete or outdated data and can be missing dispositions.

There are numerous ways that your background screening vendor can use human assessment and interaction to reduce your risk:

* Utilize nationwide court researcher’s physically pulling court records to get data direct from the source of record, the County Court.

* Use a Service Alert Process: A social security trace is utilized to uncover alias names and determine counties to run searches so that the client does not have to manually perform the selections.   This ensures that counties are selected consistently and that unnecessary counties are not run thereby minimizing cost and improving accuracy.   

* Use an Order Review Process: Each order on individual profiles are reviewed and flagged based upon a standard Risk Matrix.  Any data that is known to be not legal to utilize in a hiring decision is removed from the result to reduce risk. National Criminal Index Plus and County Criminal Searches are evaluated to ensure that the data matches the candidate’s identifiers.  Education and Employment Verifications are reviewed for clarity and consistency.
* Conduct Profile Reviews:  Used on the entire profile (background check report) to identify and resolve any common issues with data entry including typos in the name, social security number, and driver’s license number. 


At times it takes reasoning human beings to be able to protect your business (candidates, employees and clients).  Please call me at 888-689-2000 or email me at if you would like to discuss any of these capabilities.


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