When Do You Perform the Background Check and Why it’s Important?

The state of Connecticut recently proposed a bill that has parents and taxpayers alike scratching their heads. The bill is based around creating a safer school environment by screening employees to ensure they are not on the sex-offender registry or other government watch lists. On the surface, this sounds like a great idea and quite the shocker that they weren’t already screening the folks that will be coming in contact with kids on a regular basis.

The parameters of when the background checks need to be executed is the shocking part. Within the proposed legislation it outlines that the employees must undergo the criminal background check within 5 days of starting employment with the school board. This is considered a vast improvement when compared to today’s guidelines which require the check to be completed within 30 days following the employees start date.

Looking at this as a provider of background checks, I have a hard time understanding the timeline in which the state is recommending these searches be performed. Let’s think about this, you are willing to hire an employee allow them to work for 5 or 30 days depending on whether the bill passes and then that finalizes your hiring decision? When looking at best practices for hiring, allowing a candidate to begin work, not knowing if they meet the requirements is a waste of money and also puts those around this individual at risk. By performing the background check as the last step in the hiring process, before allowing the candidate to begin work you’re accomplishing a few key items:

1. It protects your current employees/customers

2. It’s financially sound

This provides companies the opportunity that if this candidate does not meet the qualifications necessary for the position to go back to the talent pool.  This eliminates the   cost of additional resources such as training, orientation and all of the other things HR Professionals manage when a new employee comes onboard.

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HR Background Screening Compliance Questions

Our Director of Compliance, Megan Consolo shared with me recently some questions on compliance that have come up from clients.  As a Consumer Reporting Agency governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we take these questions very seriously.  We thought we would share them with you today:

1)     Can you run a background check on yourself to see what comes up?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: § 604 Credential Check wouldn’t have permissible purpose to run this background check. (Our only permissible purposes are Employment and Tenancy.)

2)     From a candidate: Incorrect information was reported on my background check, and you fixed it after my dispute.  However, I want to know who reported the incorrect information to you, will you provide that to me?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: § 609 certain items must be disclosed to a candidate upon request such as: Information on file; sources; report recipients.

3)     I want to run a background check on someone who applied, but I don’t have a release form because we’re not going to hire them.  I just want to look into the crime they disclosed on their application.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: § 606 there are required disclosures that must be made to consumers prior to obtaining investigative consumer reports on them.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: § 604 Credential Check wouldn’t have permissible purpose.

I would be happy to discuss these and any other compliance questions with you.  Feel free to reach out, simply dial  248-526-5205 or email me at